A Front Tooth with a Large Chip Might Need a Porcelain Crown

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It’s relatively common for some of the front teeth to have a shallow amount of tooth enamel. When one of these teeth is chipped there might not be sufficient dental structure remaining to repair it with a standard composite filling. In a situation like this, you might need to have a porcelain crown restoration performed at ODonnell Family Dentistry’s office in Lexington, Kentucky.

This treatment method will replace the original tooth enamel layer with a dental quality porcelain ceramic material. It can be shaded to match the other teeth in your smile to look like a natural tooth.

To prepare the tooth for the porcelain crown, our dentist will first need to form an abutment out of the core of the tooth. This is done by removing the tooth enamel. This post-like structure, called an abutment, will later serve to anchor the crown in your mouth.

We will then form an impression of the area which will be sent to our off-site dental lab where your new crown is custom made. A temporary crown is then secured over the abutment to keep it safe while you await completion of the porcelain crown.

When it’s ready, our dentist will cement the porcelain crown in place using a strong dental adhesive. With daily care and good oral hygiene, you can expect the crown to restore the function and appearance of the original tooth for many years ahead.

If you have a cavity on a front tooth and live in the Lexington, Kentucky area, we invite you to call 859-269-4613 to have it restored by ODonnell Family Dentistry’s specialists. Drs. David O’Donnell and Matt VanZanten care about your smile health!