Thumb Sucking and Its Effect on Your Child’s Health

Are you aware that sucking on thumbs can damage your smile and your natural teeth alignment? Given the dangers that exist, thumb sucking should be discouraged when you see your child begin to implement the habit. Due to the fact that thumb sucking can slow the growth of teeth, you... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Topic: Dentures

Do you want the perfect tooth replacement to mimic your remaining teeth without the hassle for surgery that comes with dental implants? With dentures, the ease at which you can insert and detach your teeth will be a breeze. Unlike dental bridges and dental implants, dentures can be taken out... Read more »

Aging and Dental Health Basics

As you age, your dental health can take a hit. The hazards of everyday life eventually begin to take their toll, especially on your teeth. The constant wear and tear from chewing and eating food can wear your teeth down if you do not practice various dental health basics. Listed... Read more »

How Can I Ensure a Positive Dental Experience for My Child?

Your child deserves to feel comfortable in the dental chair. Now, Dr. David O'Donnell and our dental team will do everything we can to make that happen, but we need your help. There are things you can do to help your child feel calm and comfortable in the dental chair.... Read more »

A Front Tooth with a Large Chip Might Need a Porcelain Crown

It’s relatively common for some of the front teeth to have a shallow amount of tooth enamel. When one of these teeth is chipped there might not be sufficient dental structure remaining to repair it with a standard composite filling. In a situation like this, you might need to have... Read more »

Bridgework Requires Additional Oral Hygiene Focus

Bridgework installed by the dentists at ODonnell Family Dentistry’s Lexington, Kentucky clinic was created from durable dental-grade materials that completely resist the presence of bacterial tooth decay. Yet you should not let this lull you into a sense of security over the long-term life of this type of dental work.... Read more »

How Can Dental Crowns Save Your Smile?

How can dental crowns save your smile? A dental crown is a tooth restoration treatment that can save a tooth from extraction by preventing further damage from occurring by placing a cap directly on top of the selected tooth completely concealing it in the process. Dental crowns can also improve... Read more »

Gum Disease: Risks & Signs

Gum disease attacks the gums and tissues that surround and support the teeth. This infection is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease is caused by plaque, the sticky bacteria that form on the teeth. Gum disease is usually painless, so you may not know that you... Read more »

The Titanium of a Dental Implant Can Replicate the Original Strength of a Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth to severe trauma or untreated tooth decay can have serious implications on the function of your mouth. At first, this might come in the form of decreased oral function or an unappealing smile. Over time, the neighboring teeth can respond to the void, altering their positions. This... Read more »

A Tooth Suffering from a Lost Filling Needs Professional Treatment

Fillings are designed to repair a tooth that has suffered a small chip or cavity. They are made from durable materials like gold, porcelain, composite resin, or amalgam that are impervious to tooth decay. However, poor oral hygiene practices can encourage the natural bacteria living in your mouth to attack... Read more »