Keep Your Teeth White by Understanding the Nature of Tooth Stains

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Your tooth enamel layer that protects your teeth is full of pores and textures and consists of mineral crystals at a microscopic level. The pores in the surface of your teeth can become filled with staining particles from any dark foods and beverages that you consume. We offer a review of tooth stains and their effect on your teeth and which food products can cause staining on your teeth.

To help you overcome tooth stains and have the smile you want, Dr. O’Donnell or Dr. Galbreath are happy to offer professional teeth whitening treatment. The results of teeth whitening are meant to last a very long time, but your teeth will become darker faster if they are often exposed to staining agents.

Foods that stain teeth can include tomato sauce, dark berries and chocolate. In addition to reducing your intake of these items, you can brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste to reduce your risk of tooth discoloration and staining in between routine dental cleanings.

Certain dark beverages also result in tooth stains, and we advise against drinking a lot of coffee, tea and cola drinks, which are highly concentrated in staining particles and should be consumed in moderation through a straw.

If you often use tobacco, your physician can help you develop a cessation program so that your teeth whitening treatment isn’t disrupted by the chemicals and tar found in tobacco products that cause deep tooth stains.

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