Oral Hygiene Topic: Dentures

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Do you want the perfect tooth replacement to mimic your remaining teeth without the hassle for surgery that comes with dental implants? With dentures, the ease at which you can insert and detach your teeth will be a breeze. Unlike dental bridges and dental implants, dentures can be taken out on a whim to allow your gums a chance to rest and give you an easy method to clean them.

Two possible types exist with dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. Although both function the same way, they operate for different purposes. Partial dentures function to only replace a few missing teeth, whereas complete dentures seek to give you a full smile makeover by replacing entire rows of missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth, your mouth could be at risk. The spaces left behind by missing teeth can become infected. In addition, the gaps become excellent hideouts for plaque buildup to occur. Your jawbone can also break down or deteriorate over time due to tooth loss. If this happens, your gums can destabilize and cause other teeth in the vicinity to move or change alignment. Dentures can fill in the empty voids left behind and decrease your risk for further oral ailments.

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