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Choosing to have dentures placed will change the way you care for your smile, but we can help you feel confident about your new dental appliance by advising you on proper care. Here are five tips to care for dentures on a daily basis to help them stay in great shape:

1. Rinse off your dentures every day to wash loose food particles and debris. Then, brush the appliance using a soft-bristled toothbrush and cleaner free of abrasives so that you don’t accidentally scratch your dentures while cleaning them.

2. Due to the potential fragility of dentures, they should be handled with care, such as holding them over a mat or towel during the cleaning process so that they won’t break if they slip and fall.

3. Prevent your dentures from drying out when not in use by soaking them in water or a denture cleanser. However, make sure they aren’t submerged in hot water so that the denture shape doesn’t become warped.

4. Though your teeth are false, you need to clean plaque from your gums regularly. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your mouth prior to wearing your dentures every day, as this gum stimulation and daily plaque removal is necessary to having a healthy mouth.

5. Come see our dentist if your appliance becomes chipped, feels loose or becomes broken. You should not try to repair the damage yourself, but rather leave it to our professionally trained team.

Even with proper care, dentures naturally wear out over time and should be brought to the dentist during your routine visits in case they need to be relined or adjusted. If you would like to learn more about denture care in Lexington, Kentucky, schedule an appointment with Dr. David O'Donnell by contacting ODonnell Family Dentistry at 859-269-4613 today.