Dental Crowns: The Things to Know

A dental crown is a handy restoration that looks just like a natural tooth. In fact, it’s a tooth-shaped cap that replaces your tooth enamel and restores your oral health and smile. To tell you a little more about this dental restoration, our dentist, Dr. David O'Donnell, is happy to share some facts with you. The more you know, the... read more »

Let the Tooth Fairy Help You Make Tooth Loss Less Scary

When your child’s first baby tooth pops out of place, it might be a little scary and nerve wracking. Unfortunately, this is a natural occurrence that will happen often once your child turns 6 or 7 years old, so they’ll need to get used to it. It’s necessary for their baby teeth to fall out so the permanent teeth can... read more »

How Can I Ensure a Positive Dental Experience for My Child?

Your child deserves to feel comfortable in the dental chair. Now, Dr. David O'Donnell and our dental team will do everything we can to make that happen, but we need your help. There are things you can do to help your child feel calm and comfortable in the dental chair. The first thing we encourage is that you use positive... read more »