Bridgework Requires Additional Oral Hygiene Focus

Bridgework installed by the dentists at ODonnell Family Dentistry’s Lexington, Kentucky clinic was created from durable dental-grade materials that completely resist the presence of bacterial tooth decay. Yet you should not let this lull you into a sense of security over the long-term life of this type of dental work. Poor oral hygiene habits and complications from gum disease can... read more »

Special Tools that Can Help You Clean Around Your Bridge

Here at ODonnell Family Dentistry, your dentists, Drs. O’Donnell and VanZanten, sometimes uses a dental bridge to replace a tooth that was knocked out, extracted or lost to severe tooth decay. It is an artificial tooth that replicates the presence of the missing tooth. It is fused into one solid piece of dental work with a dental crown on both... read more »