What Adolescent Checkups Look Like

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To prep for your visit for your young child, please deliberate on the following before your checkup.

During your child’s visit, Dr. David O'Donnell and the staff at ODonnell Family Dentistry will inspect your child’s mouth for signs of baby bottle tooth decay, like spotting on the chompers and red, bloody and swollen gums. If there are signs of tooth decay, Dr. David O'Donnell will talk with you about alternatives for procedures, and treatment will be performed then or scheduled for a future visit. As the doctor finishes up, they will teach your child about good oral hygiene and encourage the practice of healthy dental behaviors.

Averting and caring for treating are vital for the wellbeing of children during adolescence and adulthood. Although many people mistakenly think that the wellbeing of a child’s teeth doesn’t matter because baby chompers are temporary, a child’s oral health condition will greatly impact their oral health as an adult. Prematurely lost baby chompers will cause crowding and can cause speech problems, eating difficulties and low dental quality of life.

The team at ODonnell Family Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky, is filled with caring professionals trained on baby bottle tooth decay. Why wait a second more? Give them a call now at 859-269-4613 to set up your next checkup with Dr. David O'Donnell and begin getting help with baby bottle tooth decay.